List of our services

Air Cargo Solutions

We provide a range of both standard and specialised air freight services, which include.

  • Door to door: 

You can book and schedule for your goods/parcels to be picked-up by our courier from the address of your choice; and we will handle/air transport them; to the recipient and either drop-off the goods/parcels to the recipient’s destination airport or address of your choice in the destination country. This is air freight service with a collection option. 

  • Airport to Airport: 

You can drop-off your goods/consignment at our local offices and then we can organise the delivery to your desired destination airport. In this case, it will be your responsibility to handle the customs clearance in the destination country. 

  • Express

This is a specialised service that involves both door to door and airport to airport. However, the goods will be expeditiously booked onto the next immediate available air cargo carrier and mostly by direct route; to ensure shorter arrival time scales of 1 – 3days across all destinations of our operations. 

  • Hazardous

A specialised service that can either be door to door; airport to airport, or express; but the goods/consignment handled are dangerous or hazardous. 

  • Consolidated freight

A standard service that involves consolidation of goods/parcels to maximize haulage and air carriage allowances. Its only difference with the normal standard service is sometime the slightly longer time scales of destination arrival.


It’s important to carefully select the type of service depending on your specific needs; and if in doubt, our team of experts is always at hand to offer the right solutions. 

We always recommend air fright for sensitive shipments, perishable or goods whose quality could be compromised by longer transit times by sea/ocean transport. 

For consignments exceeding 100kg in weight we offer special discounted rates, available to certain destinations.

Sea/Ocean Freight services

We have built a robust, innovative, and effective delivery structure aimed at reducing unnecessary transit or handling delays associated with sea/ocean transport in general. 

Through our carefully selected network of partners, we can ship to almost all ports or destinations in the world whilst ensuring accountability, safety, pro-active communication, and effective delivery at very highly competitive charges. 

Our sea/ocean freight services include. 

  • Full Container Load (FCL)

Large or voluminous goods are securely transported by FCL and its more cost effective. The options for FCL can be port to port or door to door (which involves our on-road haulage services).

We can pick your goods from the address of your choice and can also drop-off the consignment at the recipient’s address or port in the destination country.

  • Less or Part Container Load (LCL)

Goods from several clients are consolidated into a full load container before shipping them off. The advantage is that you only pay for the space taken up by your goods/consignment. 

LCL also has door to door or port to port options available, depending on the destination.

Shop Online (World at Your Door)

Online shopping can be time sensitive and complex with a lot of uncertainties. To improve your experience, security, and trust, we have vigorously sought for partnerships with the major wholesalers and retailers of any products in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East. 

You can now shop any where and we will deliver it to your door or address of your choice.

From clothing, health and beauty, machinery and equipment, automobiles and components, food and processing units, ICT Hardware and technology equipment, household, and personal products among others), we will deliver it to your door.

Shopping Instructions for our shipping and delivery service.

  1. Visit our selected shops or platforms (below) or your own shop of interest for shopping.
  2. On checking out, please provide our local office, as the delivery address for your shopping.
  3. Once we receive your parcel, we will notify you and you can also track it all the way.
  4. We will swiftly transport it by your chosen service to your door in your country.

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Export and Import Consultancy

There has never been a better time to access a wide market for exports and imports across the globe. However, that comes with a lot of complexities and demands for efficiency.

We have deployed an experienced and trusted team of experts who can provide you with the required practical knowledge and guidance on any stage of the logistics and supply chain in most markets of the world. We may not have all the answers, but we will ensure that you get the right solution for your needs

Contact us for any consultation and with a small fee, you will get the most invaluable information for your needs on both exports and imports in UK, Europe, China, Middle East and USA.